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Our Team

  • Manish Khandelwal (CEO)

    Manish Khandelwal is a Graduate Civil Engineer from Thapar University and MBA (Finance) from Sybmiosis, Pune. He is also Member of Leadership Excellence at Harvard Square. Manish carries 15+ yrs experience in Water & Waste Water businesses and has had successful endeavors with association with global organizations of high repute such as- Suez- Degremont, Aqualying India, Premiertech Aqua from Canada, Earth Water Group, Aireff Detox – Water acquisitions of Clearwater Capital Partners Singapore and Essel Infra. Some of his noted endeavors have been.

    • Director on Boards for group companies of Essel Infra
    • Project leader to execute Namami Gange Program Projects for Essel Infra.
    • Member Core team- Bidding & Business Development
    • SPOC for organic & inorganic growth of group’s forte in Water, Waste Water sector
    • Head – Sales & Marketing for PremierTech Aqua, Canada (Added 10+ projects in Municipal Sector)

    Manish has also managed all aspects of Marketing and Business Development including identifying prospects, meeting pre-qualification norms for large complex projects, JV and consortium formation, supported proposal preparation, estimation, negotiating contract terms and concluding contracts. He has earned Distinction of becoming Youngest Technical Advisor of the Winning team for INTERNATIONAL SPACE SETTLEMENT DESIGN COMPETITON in July 2006 at Johnson Space Center, NASA. Not limiting to this, Manish also represented Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition for Video Conferencing with SUNITA WILLIAMS in July 2007. With his key strengths in Business Development, Sales & Marketing – Water & Wastewater Business in India, Marketing Strategies/ Striking marketing alliances, Costing, Valuation & Due diligence, Manish has been chosen to lead BMRV as CEO

  • Brajesh Singh (Strategic Advisor)

    An Economics graduate, XLRI Jamshedpur alumnus with an additional MBA from Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, (USA) Brajesh has rich exposure with Telecom, Infrastructure, Computer Education businesses and has worked with market leaders like Essel group, American Tower, Airtel, TVS group, Tata Communication and Reliance Communications. During his endeavors in Retail & Telecom sector where he had handled leadership positions in Sales, Distribution, Revenue enhancement for Telecom Infra, Wireless and Broadband businesses and had delivered path breaking performances, built exceedingly great relationships with channel partners and other stakeholders. Brajesh is young leader who is looked upon, as a trusting leader with a passionate drive for exceling is whatever he does. He commands respect due to his people connect, effective communication and clarity of thoughts. He is known and recognized as a business manager who has an eye for details and comes out with innovative ways to resolve big challenges. His abilities to handle difficult situations are notable.

    • CEO & Director of Essel Utilities businesses worth USD 900 mn; 2000+ employees
    • Lead Merger & Acquisition for American Tower (Essar Telecom, KEC International & Loop Telecom)
    • Has Distinction of reducing T&D losses of Power Distribution business in MH & Bihar.
    • Lead Essel group’s foray into City Gas Distribution
    • Has extensively worked & Traveled in all political states of India
    • Has been consulting various global investors & associated with likes of GLG, Third Bridge & Coleman Consulting Groups.
    • Promoter of Wild Eye Lodges that runs thematic resort situated in peripheri of Kanha National Reserve

  • Ritesh Vig (Financial Advisor)

    Ritesh Vig is Financial Advisor to BMRV and Founder of VLE Consultants. Ritesh has over 20 years of experience in management consultancy and strategic finance. Prior to founding VLE, he had won recognition for playing instrumental role in well-known businesses like Reliance, Bharti Airtel, Gulf Ptero Group. Ritesh is an alumni of CIMA London & Kelloggs. His passion for Strategic Advisory (Business Model, Valuation & Exit) to SME and new projects are key to his success. His major accomplishments include.

    • Acquisition of Oil Marketing Company of Essar Group in Kenya (~ Mkt Cap Rs 110 cr)
    • Acquisition of Listed Company in Lubricant space in India (~ Mkt cap Rs 600 cr)
    • Acquired assets of shell in India (Bitumen space) (~Mkt Cap Rs 75 cr)
    • Launch of DTH services of Bharti Airtel in India (Lead role & Strategic head) (Current valuation Rs 12000 cr)
    • Acquisition of Steel Company in India ( Rs 600 cr)
    • Advisory for Won Coal Block in India during bidding in Dec 2015 (One of the lowest Bid Rate).
    • Debt Raising for Real Estate players (~ Rs 125 Cr)
    • Audit Planning and Strategic Planning for groups like FrankFinn
    • IPO Advisory to Steel City Securities limited.